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Quality, commitment, passion and honesty towards our customers: these are the roots from which our "Raffaele" Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are born of Oliva "Terre degli Angeli". We are confronted with centuries-old "knowledge", and this requires us to handle this art with respect and devotion.

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Our passion

We at Raffaele have made the passion for high quality our job. We are so passionate that we never stop looking for excellence. We believe that eating is a divine act and that the enjoyment of high quality food is rooted in the earth.

A commitment that we carry out every day and that is an integral part of our company philosophy: always strive for improvement and evolution, without trampling, but rather trying to protect traditions, which are among the most important of our land.

Our company

Soc. Agricola Oleificio Migliore srl, has been managed by our family for four generations, and is located in one of the richest areas, both from a historical and agri-food point of view, of Sicily. Our estates are in fact located in the Municipality of Butera (in Sicilian Vuterà, Vulcano), whose territory has been the scene of some of the oldest agricultural settlements on the island.
The county of Butera, Butirah for the Arabs, became one of the most important centers of Medieval Sicily, both for its strategic position, but above all for its natural resources, various and luxuriant are in fact the typical crops of the area (in addition to Cereal Olives, Citrus Fruits, Peaches, Vines, and unfortunately the production of Licorice has been lost in contemporary times).